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    A Voice for Men, a men’s rights site that is most notable for being featured as a hate site by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is currently hosting a conference on men’s issues in Detroit.

    The images above are direct quotes of what some of the speakers at this men’s rights conference have said.

    Sit back and marvel at the newest human rights movement.

    Thanks to both David Futrelle at We Hunted The Mammoth for the excellent article that inspired this post and whey_ over at the againstmensrights subreddit for making the above images.

    Please share this post far and wide so everyone knows exactly what men’s rights activists believe!


    That’s actually one of the tamer Warren Farrell quotes. He actually said that incest victims enjoy it.

    And not for nothing, but Karen Straughan was “awakened” to misandry when her son’s school put him in the remedial class when she KNEW he was a genius.

    And Erin Pizzey thinks the FBI is run by feminists who also shot her dog.

    Reblogging again for that last comment.

    Fuck this fucking fuckery

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    This is what feminists mean when they say that feminism is about gender equality. It’s not really about equality, it’s about paying men back for all the supposed grievances women have suffered at the hands of the “patriarchy”.

    Social revenge workers

    You… do realize it’s trying to point out the wage gap between men and women, right?

    Women make 75 cents to the dollar that men make. And that’s just WHITE women. POC women make even less.

    So, yes, it is for equality. So that when men see that price difference, they go “Hey, that’s not equal, that sucks” and women can say “YES, LET ME TELL YOU A THING”
    -discussion begins-



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    The solidarity protest at Wal-Mart continues as a legal observer is arrested.

    Monday, October 13th

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    Yes, I want too much. I want all the pretty things. I want the dresses of lace and velvet. I want Parisian cafés with too-hot coffee and too much pastry. I want warm nights on empty bridges. I want to touch strangers in private places. I want to make them gasp and take the Lord’s name in vain and shiver under my fingertips. I want to be a force. 

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  6. "I really don’t love you. You were just a project. I had to teach you how to love. So you didn’t go and fuck up some other girl. I had to teach you how to do it right. I did it with the one before you, too. I taught her how to love and now she loves some other girl. And that is what I am. I’m a practice dummy. I’m a test run. I’m a fucking poet."
    — Donna-Marie Riley (via ofmidnightandvelvet)

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    more here

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    what happened to old zealand

    what about old jersey

    dont forget old york

    And old England?

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    *plays with tie nervously at job interview* 

    "Sorry, I’ve never had a job interview and I’m nervous haha."

    "That’s okay just please stop playing with my tie and sit on your side of the desk"

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    Find your happy place, here is one example.

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    "Asians don’t face discrimination in the west L O L"


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    There is also a death for the immortal jellyfish. He is very bored.

    Artwork by Chris Gugliotti [webcomic | tumblr]

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